Institute for Policy, Governance and Development (IPGAD)

Institute for Policy, Governance and Development (IPGAD) is a Bangladeshi think tank promised to contribute towards policy reforms, good governance and economic development. The non-governmental and non-profit institute is aspired to work in Bangladesh and across Asian region while maintaining collaboration with other forums from different parts of the world.

IPGAD considers localization of global values and vice versa in mutatis mutandis. By facilitating dialogues and engagements of experts and enthusiasts, the forum is a venue of exploring solutions to the national and regional problems.

Development is the cherished goal of all the societies and they want to achieve it in any way. In order to ensure economic development of individuals in a society, policy formulation and good governance turns out to be two important pillars. The fate of millions in Asian region is shrunk due to the innate complexity in policy orders and governance. 

IPGAD is committed to build a strong partnership with the relevant stakeholders to address the issues locally, regionally and globally.