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Black Dog

What is IPGAD?

International Pet Groomer Appreciation Day was created in October 2019 and is meant to be celebrated every November 1st.  It was created to be a means to promote the grooming industry and all of the professionally skilled groomers in the world.  It is meant to highlight groomers for their dedication to hard work, continuing education, their heart and compassion for the animals they service, and their unending creativity and ability to create masterpieces with a living, breathing canvas, whether that animal is a show dog or someone's personal pet. 

Currently, through this website and social media, the goal is to help groomers in need that have had their income and/or business heavily impacted by a catastrophic event like a natural disaster or a health emergency. The mission is to connect the groomer in need and their personal fundraising sources to those that have a compassionate heart to help others.

One single action of charity can make a difference in the life of our fellow groomer and by extension, their local community.

Ultimately, the idea of IPGAD is to stimulate a sense of community, support, and positivity throughout the grooming community.

-The IPGAD Team

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