The Purpose

International Pet Groomer Appreciation Day is not just a day to celebrate and appreciate your local groomer, it's also a day to for us to remember our fellow groomers that may have had a life altering event affect their livelihood. What can you do to help?  What is on your heart that pulls you to reach out or help?

There is a goal for IPGAD to be a bridge to connect groomers that have had their lives and/or careers truly affected by a catastrophic event, through no fault of their own, to people like you. Through video interviews I would like to share their stories (as much as they're comfortable with sharing) and their own funding sources, like a donation link or merchandise sales, to the audience. 

IPGAD desires to promote the people of the grooming industry by sharing stories of hope and inspiration, and real life challenges and successes.

What can you do now to support a groomer in need? Simple; follow us!

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If you'd like to support the IPGAD effort to highlight these groomers and share stories of inspiration, please browse our site and share us on your own social media. We would greatly appreciate your help! We are only as strong as our supporters and we are so very grateful to all of you.


The IPGAD Team